3 Yoga Poses to Flatten Your Belly

By Bridgette Petrino | body

Nov 03


3 Belly Exercises that You Can Do Right Now

Halloween: It’s that time of year when I eat way to much candy. And, is it just me, or does candy go straight to your belly? I like to blame the belly bloat on the fact that I had twins, but that was almost a decade ago. If I’m being honest, it’s mostly because I love dessert.

I know, I know. It’s all downhill from here until January. Pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies, forget it.

But, not all is lost.

Don’t be hard on yourself, just take action. The act of delaying and making excuses is actually more stressful than starting.

So, here are 3 effective core exercises for flattening your belly.

1. Boat Pose

For this exercise, sit up straight, lean back 45 degrees and raise your legs. Keep your chest open, your neck neutral and gaze beyond your toes. Stay up on your sitting bones, not on your lower back.

A less challenging variation of this pose would be to have your legs bent, or even have your feet on the ground.

Try to hold this pose for 5 breaths.


2. Elbow Plank

Planks are a total body exercise, and I am busy so I love exercises that multi-task. In fact, I’ve even heard that Navy Seals don’t even do sit ups anymore, only planks. They are that good.

For an elbow plank, you want your elbows directly below your shoulders. Keep your hips down and stretch through your legs keeping weight in your heels. Always keep your neck neutral and remember to breathe.

I can hold a plank for about 2 minutes. I think the world record is 6 hours. Whaaat?!?!?

Find your personal best and try and go 3 seconds longer each day.


And, you know that if you have a strong plank you just need a little balance and you can do a headstand, right?! 😉 You can check out that video tutorial at the bottom of this POST.

3. Side Plank

Your core is not just your belly, but your sides and back too. A side plank is a great way to work your obliques, AKA love handles.

You will want your planted hand in line with your shoulder. Stretch your opposite hand up and gaze towards it.

To make this pose a little less challenging, you can rest your bottom knee on the ground. If you are ready for a bigger challenge, you can lift your top leg. And eventually, grab your foot or your big toe. OMG, that’s hard!


So, yeah, try these out, send me pictures, and don’t beat yourself up too much about eating all that candy <3

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