How Yoga Can Get You Your Revenge Body

By Bridgette Petrino | body

Sep 18

Alriiiiiiight, so maybe you don’t exactly want revenge, but you DO want to feel hot and sexy like you did before kids.

And that’s what revenge bodies say: “I’m hot. Sexy. Feminine. Badass. Just because I have kids and I am getting older doesn’t mean I can’t look and feel fucking smoking hot.”

Because let’s face it. After kids, our bodies change. Even if we lost the baby weight, things still look…. different.

And many times, we are not real confident about “different.”

Fine print disclaimer #1: Yoga ALONE probably won’t give you your revenge body. You will have to incorporate healthy eating, and likely some strength and cardio as well.

Fine print disclaimer #2: Yes, I am a Yoga instructor. But, I still curse, wear high heels, and I am not very “woo.” Nothing against those who are! But, I may not be the kind of Yogi you are looking for…

So yeah, Yoga alone probably won’t give you your revenge body. However, Yoga will COMPLETE your revenge body.

It wasn’t until I started practicing Yoga that I was finally able to do push-ups on my toes.

It’s also given me the most ripped back that I’ve ever had in. my. life. And, I never realized how hot really great posture an a defined back was.

And finally, practicing inversions has flattened my belly like no other workout could.

Just remember that Yoga is a practice. Meaning you will never master it. You will only practice it. But, incorporating Yoga postures, balances, and stretches into your practice will lengthen your body, tighten your core, and overall help you feel good.

A sneak peek

Because I totally want you to rock your Revenge Yoga Body, I am giving you instant access for FREE to a headstand tutorial straight from my 30-Day Program.

You can work on this even if you’ve never tried an inversion before.

Imagine yourself conquering new things that you have never done, and looking like a total badass while doing it. Simply enter your email below right now.

Or, check out the full 30-Day Program here.

Oh, and if you are looking for the BEST Yoga gear, here are some things that I looooovvveeeee.

  1. This sports bra is not only THE most flattering sports bra ever (think tiny waist, and no “fold -over”) – it also stays exactly where it is supposed to.
  2. These. Leggings. Because again, when I am teaching Yoga, and I have 20 people standing directly behind me, and I feel like they are all probably staring at my ass, and I am all contorted in these crazy postures, I don’t want the waist of my pants rolling down. Or, the back of my thong sticking out. I can embarrass myself enough on my own thank you very much.
  3. You will probably want a mat. The ones at the gym smell like armpits mixed with sweaty socks. #gross Here is the one that I use. (I have the pink one.)
  4. And, if you get the mat, you will need something to carry it with so it’s not flopping around and so that people will think that you actually have your shit together. I LOVE this little Etsy shop and her straps. They are super cute, really well made, and unique. I have the gold and gray.
  5. If you are just starting out, you will probably want a block. I like these cork ones because they are a little heavier and easier to grip. 
  6. And, maybe a strap if you are one of those people who says, “I’m just not flexible.”

There you go. You’ve got your tutorial. You’ve got your gear. Now go get your revenge body. Then send me your upsidedown pictures.

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