What No One Tells You About Change

By Bridgette Petrino | empowerment

Jul 25


What No One Tells You About Change

When it’s time to change

They say that crazy is defined by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We’ve all heard this saying.

We like to say that we are going to change things, that next time will be different, that we are fed up with our situation, but yet so many of us continue to do the same things over and over again expecting different results. 

So, why don’t we change?

Because change is hard.

Change is like saying good-bye to something familiar. And, in general, we like to keep hope that our situation will get better on their own.

But, I believe that sometimes we are required to do the hard work in changing something in order to learn a lesson and to grow.

Real change requires mourning

Two summers ago I literally spent everyday during my daughter’s nap-time crying for the entire two hours.

I felt depressed and hopeless. Only now I realize that what I was actually doing was mourning.

I was mourning a life that wasn’t going to change unless i did something.

I was mourning letting go of relationships that were never going to be what I wanted them to be. I was mourning letting go control of things that I couldn’t control. I was mourning letting go of anxiety. I was mourning saying good-bye to my old self who had it all together, did everything for everyone, was involved in everything, got perfect scores and never made mistakes.

I was saying good-bye to all of that because it had to go. And, what I’ve come to realize is that saying good-bye is never easy even when it is for the best.

Giving up hope and letting go is necessary sometimes.

Now what do I do during nap-time? I use that time to fulfill my mission of helping other moms.

If you are in a toxic relationship, set boundaries. Say good-bye and move on. It won’t be easy. Remember, keeping things the same is easier.

If you are in a job you hate, find a new job. I know the process of looking for a job, interviewing and facing rejection isn’t fun, but let go of your hope that your situation will improve on its own.

If you are unhappy with your financial situation, start budgeting. Again, it will require sacrifice, but ultimately you will be much better off. 

What No One Tells You About Change

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. ~Steve Jobs Click To Tweet

We already know that change is hard, but what most of us don’t grasp is that change is actually crazier than keeping things the same.

Being someone with the courage, the audacity and the boldness to actually step out and change something… Well, that takes nerve.

What way are you looking to impact the world? You just might be one of the crazy ones who can change it.

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