An Open Letter to Moms Pregnant with Twins

By Bridgette Petrino | mom tips

Jul 31

Unsolicited Advice

Be prepared for unsolicited advice. And, LOTS of it.

Having twins is like being a magnet for opinions and personal questions.

I really can’t even leave the house without a perfect stranger asking me the question:  “Are they twins?” 

And, then they continue on to say things like  “I don’t know how you do it!”, “My neighbor’s sister’s mailman has twins…”, “Are they natural?”, “Oh I’ve always wanted twins!” 

Needless to say, I’ve gotten pretty good at the smile, nod, continue about my business technique.


Let me first say this.

I am absolutely blessed to have twins. I fought through infertility to become a mom, and I lost a baby. So, I understand what a blessing it is to have twins. I have twins who were born full term and healthy. Only about 3% of all births in the US are twins. So, yes that makes us pretty unique.

But, there are many things that moms-to-be don’t realize when they are pregnant with twins. During pregnancy, twin moms are usually a little nervous about the risk of having premature babies, but we are mostly excited because we get to buy two cribs, two swings, matching outfits with clever sayings and a double stroller. It is so adorably cute and exciting.

However, here is what no one told me before I had my twins that I wish would’ve at least been hinted at beforehand.

6 Things I wish someone would have told me beforehand

  1. The first year is exhausting. Terrifyingly exhausting. I still haven’t totally recovered.
  2. Having twins is completely different from having two children close together. I don’t care if you had to buy diapers for two and you were nursing both children. I am not saying that having two kids close in age is easy, but trust me it’s different. Even to this day, my twins are 8 years old and the dynamic between them is completely different when compared to the dynamic between them and their little sister.
  3. Owning a minivan will be like a dream come true. Getting two infant car seats in and out of a car or SUV will be a nightmare. We tried it for a few months, it was torture, and we promptly bought a minivan. Just. Get. One. You’re welcome.
  4. It’s not “double the work”. It’s more like 4-5 times the work, maybe even 10 times. I know from experience.
  5. Their relationship will be fascinating. They will finish each other’s sentences, take care of each other and understand each other like you could never even imagine. They truly are lost without each other. And all of those “twinisms”… Those weird stories… They are real. And freaky.
  6. Continue to take time for yourself. As busy and overwhelming as life can be with two newborns, be sure to make yourself a priority.

You’ve been warned

So, now you know what I wish I would’ve known beforehand.

And, my best piece of advice is something that another twin mom told me when my twins were only a few weeks old and I was in the trenches. I think this is something that I think all new moms can live by.

The first year is all about survival - any bad habits you can break later. Click To Tweet

And trust me once you survive that first year you will feel like a super mom who can take on anything.

Do you have twins? Are you pregnant with twins? Do you agree with my warnings?? Leave a comment and let’s connect!

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Bridgette is Founder and CEO of Mommy Needs a Timeout. She empowers moms to reconnect with their identities OUTSIDE of being a mom, without the guilt.

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