10 Mom Problems Solved by a Pyramid Business

By Bridgette Petrino | parenting tips

May 30

10 Mom Problems Solved by a Pyramid Scheme

Yes — I am involved with a pyramid scheme. Well, ok that’s not completely true.  “Pyramid Schemes” in the literal sense are actually illegal. But, according to the stereotype –  yes my home business is one of those pyramid/triangle things.

I’ll admit, I used to be pretty skeptical about it, but I’ve had a change of heart because I realized that this type of business could help me out with quite a few of my “mom struggles.”

So, here are my top 10 mom problems that pyramid scheme solves:

10 – DiscountI love the products that I sell, so why not get a discount? Living off of one income didn’t leave much breathing room for luxury items, so getting a discount on something I really love is a no-brainer.

9 – Work from home: Being a stay at home mom is a decision that we made as a family. It’s what works best for us. But, after almost a decade of being out of work, I was ready to bring in some income of my own again, but still not ready to go back to work.

8 – Friends: Being a stay at home mom left me feeling somewhat isolated and time spent hanging out with friends was not as much as a priority as it should have been.

7 – Motivation: Running a business gave me the confidence and motivation to start doing a few things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now – starting a blog and speaking in public. 

6 – Giving back: I’ve always wanted to sponsor a child and bringing in extra income left me with no more excuses. 

5 – Reconnecting with friends & family: Starting a business has allowed me to reconnect with old friends and family, literally some people who I haven’t spoken to in years.

4 – Identity: I regained a piece of my identity besides “Mommy.” Running a business causes me to speak to other adults regularly and I even use my computer for things other than downloading pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom and I am so grateful to be home with my children, but I was ready to embrace some other roles again.

3 – Community: I am a part of multiple communities of entrepreneurs who encourage and inspire each other.

2 – Passive Income: I’m not going to say it’s easy, but the hard work that I’ve put in to my business has allowed me to create residual income. 

1 – Legacy: I am leaving a legacy for my kids. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but investing and risking tens of thousands of dollars into a brick and mortar business was not something we were willing to do as a young family. This business has allowed me to be my own boss for a very low investment, minimal risk and I can eventually will this business to my children.

Not perfect, but pretty good

So, being a part of a pyramid/triangle thingy has been pretty great. No – it’s not perfect. It has it’s ups and downs. But, I have real customers. Some of them I’ve never met. And, I have a team. A decent size team. We work together, but some of them I’ve never met either. They are all real people. I make real money. I sell real products. And, it’s mostly fun!

So, what do you think of my Top 10 list? What is your opinion about pyramid schemes? Are you a skeptic like I was? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!


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Bridgette is Founder and CEO of Mommy Needs a Timeout. She empowers moms to reconnect with their identities OUTSIDE of being a mom, without the guilt.

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