How to tell if you are thriving or surviving

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Sep 15

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A Simple Formula

Ask yourself: Can you rejoice when your friend has a victory and you don’t?

Its hard sometimes.

We’ve all been there. A friend loses weight and we haven’t. She gets pregnant and we’ve been trying for years. She gets a brand, new car and we are still driving around in the same, old junker.

It happens. Oftentimes, a friend’s gain is a painful reminder of our lack.


One thing that I’ve starting doing is intentionally believing in abundance. In the past, I’ve found it difficult to give money, time, anything – without expecting something in return.

Now, when I am presented with an opportunity to give, I respond in a way that aligns with the belief that abundance exists for everyone. If I meet another car at an empty parking spot, I give it up expecting that there will be another one open for me. I let people go ahead of me in long lines at the grocery store. I let my daughters have the last piece of cake 🙂 Abundance, I remind myself.

When you are hoarding (joy, resources, time, etc.) you are believing in scarcity, and therefore you will receive scarcity.


Jealousy is simply fear. Fear of being seen as less. Fear of not getting something. Fear that nothing will be left for me.

2 outcomes

When a friend has a victory and you don’t, there are two possible outcomes. Resentment or inspiration.

Resentment. Maybe someone is doing something that you’ve always wanted to do, but you’ve never had the courage to do it. I’ve struggled with that personally.


Inspiration. Sometimes you see someone do something that you want to do and it’s inspiring. You see the possibilities for yourself.

The only difference is you. Are you taking steps towards that same goal for yourself? If not, it comes out as resentment and jealousy. If so, it comes out as inspiration.

So, what areas of your life are you thriving in? Look at what inspires you.

Which areas do you need to start putting more effort into? Look at what causes you to feel resentment.

I hope this encourages you to take action towards your goals. What is possible for someone else is possible for you too! And, don’t forget to check out my chat with Nancy Hornback to hear our thoughts.

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