3 Tactics for Overcoming Fear

By Bridgette Petrino | empowerment

Dec 10


I talk about fear often. Because I believe it really holds us back from greatness. At the end of our lives, do we really want to be able to say “I always played it safe.” Or, “I never bothered anyone.” Yeah, I didn’t think so…

We need to wake up now and start overcoming our fears so that we can achieve our life’s purpose.

And, even if you’ve heard me talk about some of these tips before, they are always great to revisit. In fact, I am constantly reminding myself of these tactics.

1. Find something bigger to fear

For example, let’s say that you have a fear of heights. But, then let’s say that your child is stuck on a window ledge. Suddenly, that fear of heights is gone and you rescue your child.

Whatever fear is holding you back (fear of what others might think or say about you, fear of failing, etc.) find a bigger fear.

Pursuing our dreams is often scary because it usually has some sort of risk associated with it. But, instead of focusing on that risk, think about what would happen if you didn’t pursue your dream. All of the missed opportunities and possibilities. Focus on that fear.

2. Surround yourself with the right people

We need to surround ourselves with the right people who can validate what we are doing and who will have a louder voice than our critics.

Because there will always be critics.

Maybe even you are your own critic? Maybe you’ve said things to yourself like, “This will never work.” – “This is stupid.” – “I am giving up.”

Remember, the only people that care when you complain are the misery loves company type. Other than that, no one actually cares when you complain or throw yourself a pity party.

So, surround yourself with the people who are going to call you out when you start underestimating yourself and hiding behind your fears.

3. Try something new

Trying new things increases our confidence and bravery muscle. Do something you never thought you could do. Show yourself what you are actually capable of doing. I bet your limits are much wider than you realize.

Because suddenly, when you try bigger things, your fears become much smaller in comparison.

Remind yourself often

These are simple tips, but I am constantly reminding myself of them.

Because if we let fear take over, we are not only cheating ourselves, but we are also cheating others of the greatness that we have to offer.

And, check out my interview with Suzanne Proksa, a business growth strategist, where she interviews me on her podcast about how these tips apply in entrepreneurship too!

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