Two Enlightening Questions You Can Ask Yourself When You Feel Stuck

By Bridgette Petrino | self

Aug 29

Feeling stuck sucks

If you are like me, you want success. You want results. You want impact. NOW.

And, when it doesn’t happen NOW, many of us abandon the possibility of our dreams. Or, reduce the scale of what we once believed could be possible.

So, how do you define personal success for you?

Maybe it’s having a family, a home, marriage, money, health?

Here are two questions that you can ask yourself when you are feeling stuck that will help you realize either why you are stuck, or that you actually aren’t stuck.

Question 1: If your dreams came true today, are you even ready?

One of my personal dreams is to drive across the country in a Tour Bus (think Dane Cook in Tourgasm) speaking and inspiring moms.

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And some days, I am thinking to myself, “How is this going to happen? When? Will it EVER happen?”

Because I have been dreaming about this for years.

But TBH, if someone pulled a Tour Bus up to my house today and said, “Get in,” I might actually freak out and make up a ba-gillion reasons why I couldn’t go.

“Thank you, ma’am for bringing me my own personal tour bus, but I really have to go fold some laundry. Can we reschedule for next year when I’ve lost 5 pounds?”

That amount of success actually scares me. And in some ways, I am even avoiding it.

Now I know that when the time is right and I am fully ready it will happen. Because I’ve learned to stay attached to the outcome, and detached from the “how.”

Question #2: Have you given it your all?

Many people simply give up too soon.

Have you fought for your dreams, goals, and desires with everything that you have? Blood, sweat, tears, and then some more blood, sweat, and tears?

Sure, you might have given a great deal of your time towards your goal, but did you give it your ALL?

Giving it your ALL is different from giving it your TIME.

Because if you haven’t exhausted your limits, then you’re not stuck at all.

You simply just haven’t gone all in yet.

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