Creating a life that you absolutely LOVE!

Hi, I'm Bridgette. I empower moms to reconnect with their identities OUTSIDE of being a mom, without the guilt.

Redefining what it looks like to be a good mom.

As moms, we feel so much pressure to have it all together, look great, be patient with our kids, have a perfect marriage, and love every second of our life.

Motherhood is hard. I don't care what you tell me. It's hard. It can be lonely. We can feel like failures. We have doubts. We can feel even unsatisfied. GASP!

All of that "less than, not-good-enough, un-pinterest-worthy" C-R-A-P led me to have a breakdown.

No, really. Like a legit, in bed, not getting dressed for days, breakdown.

This is not how motherhood was meant to be. Let's change that.

We are actually really great moms, we've just gotten caught up with the busyness of family life.

Let's stop doing the same shit, and start doing the shit that actually matters.

In 2008 I became a Mom! I was so excited and blessed for this privilege. The first few years of being a mom are kind of a blur between sleepless nights with our twins to documenting every “first” in our new life. Nothing could have prepared me for how amazing life could be, but also how difficult life could be.

I poured every ounce of me into my children. Partly because I love them, of course. But, partly to ignore all of the other past and present issues that I had going on in my life. I used my children to keep myself busy enough to avoid my problems.

Then in 2014, I had a legit breakdown.

“The undeniable reality is that how well you do in life and in business depends not only on what you do and how you do it, your skills and competencies, but also on who is doing it with you or to you. Who is helping you? Who is fighting you? Who is strengthening you or resisting and diminishing you? These people are literally making you who you are. Who is helping you build those skills and competencies? Who is tearing them down? Other people do have power in your life, for good or bad. But, what kind of power are others going to have over your life and performance? Are they going to enhance or diminish?”

~Dr. Henry Cloud, The Power of the Other

Avoiding problems only causes them to grow.

Unfortunately, avoiding problems doesn’t make them go away. It was the most difficult, but the most rewarding, event that I have ever been through. My breakdown forced me to begin my journey of intense personal development. I went through counseling, I read dozens of self-help books, began exercising, meditation, and overall learning how to take care of myself and make myself a priority again.

I also began to question everything. Who I was friends with? Why was I friends with them? What activities was I involved in? How did I spend my time? Even analyzing the clothing that I wore and why.

I took everything off my plate and I started fresh. I reinvented myself. I lost some friends along the way. I gained some new ones too. I stopped doing some of things that I thought I loved. And, I found new activities to love that benefited my family and I even more.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated, I understand.

I understand because I was there.

As it turns out, having a breakdown back in 2014 was a blessing in disguise. Since then, I’ve figured out how do to all the things I can’t wait to share with you! Things like building meaningful relationships, taking time for yourself, saying no to things that you don’t like doing, and creating a life that you are excited about every morning when you wake up.

Though I still have goals to achieve and mountains to climb, I’m only where I am because I surrounded myself with the right people and followed the guidance of someone who was already doing what I wanted to do.

And, today, I can honestly say that I've never been happier and healthier, and I am living a life that I absolutely love. And, I know that you can too.


I want to see you change. I want to see you succeed. I want to see you living a life that you absolutely LOVE. And, I want you to feel like you can conquer the world. Because, yes you fucking can.

  1. Sessions: 60-90 minute video calls aligning with your schedule
  2. Support: Exclusive phone/email access to me for the duration of our time.
  3. Access: Complimentary enrollment in the 30 Day Renew program.

What People Are Saying About Bridgette

John Doe UI/UX Designer

A breath of fresh air...

Here’s to knowing someone’s potential and making them get after it! We are two peas in a pod. Thanks girl. I love your positivity and your kind approach. You are a breath of fresh air in a world that wants to rain on everyone’s parade! Keep shining Bridgette Petrino. I like the way you think… Thanks for pushing me out of that comfort zone… You Rock!!!” ~Marci


“I want to feel this way all the time..."

“This has been an amazing ride… I have felt so confident and happy with myself this week and it has been such a long time since I felt that way. The way I have felt this week I want to feel all the time. I felt good and proud of myself which just brought so much happiness and confidence in me. I want to build my business and by doing that I need to be more confident and get out in the world.”

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I feel so good about myself..."

“I can’t even begin to express how happy I am to have found this mini 5-day RENEW course with Bridgette. This week has made me feel so good about myself. The daily challenges have forced me to come out of my shell and I hope to continue putting many of these items like simply trying new things into practice even after the course. Thank you!”


Life Coaching for Moms


1x1 Coaching Calls

6 sessions over 3 months

  • 6 Coaching Calls lasting 60-90 minutes
  • Custom scheduling options
  • Exclusive phone and email access to Bridgette
  • Complimentary enrollment in the 30 day Renew program
  • Go deep. 


No credit card required.


1x1 Coaching Calls

13 Sessions over 6 months

  • 13 Coaching Calls lasting 60-90 Minutes
  • Custom scheduling options
  • Exclusive phone and email access to Bridgette
  • Complimentary enrollment in the 30 day Renew Program
  • One 90 minute bonus session, for 13 total sessions

Go deeper.


No credit card required.

Bridgette Petrino
Life Coach for Moms

About Bridgette

Bridgette is Founder and CEO of Mommy Needs a Timeout. She is a wife, mom of 3 daughters (twins plus one,) a fitness instructor, and lover of inversions. She empowers moms to reconnect with their identities OUTSIDE of being a mom, without the guilt.

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P.S.: Remember, we can keep doing the same shit and stay in the same place, or we can start doing the shit that actually matters and create a life that we absolutely LOVE.

It's time to take your life back.