One Natural Energy Booster for Busy Moms

By Bridgette Petrino | life hacks

Jan 27

Supercharge Your Day: Boost Energy

We can all relate to the feeling of being a tired mom. I mean, who doesn’t want more energy?

For many (if not all) of us, our day starts with our kids waking us up. And, it’s basically off to the races from that moment until we land into bed at night.

When we need an energy boost throughout the day, most of us tend to go for coffee.

And, that’s totally cool. I am not trying to take away your coffee. Never!! 

But, I am giving you a different perspective on how you can increase your energy throughout the day and possibly lower your caffeine intake. 

It’s like charging a cell phone

I recently met with Jim Burdumy from Elite Core Fitness, and he used a great analogy. He says that we can think of our bodies like a cell phone that needs to be charged.

Let’s say we wake up in the morning and our energy levels are at 100%. By lunchtime, maybe we are at 5%. Because, yeah on mornings when you have to get yourself ready, get kids out the door, make breakfast, pack lunches… you could literally use up 95% of your energy in just a few hours.

So, instead of artificially giving your body energy, you can actually create energy organically.

And, don’t worry because you don’t even have to fill yourself up to 100%. You just have to fill up – or charge up – enough to get you to the next charging station. Just like you would do with your phone. 

A Natural Alternative

Earlier this week I stopped into Jim’s studio and he taught me a Tai Chi exercise that actually brings energy in. Naturally.

Cool! Exercising. Bringing in energy. Naturally. Sounds good to me!

So, let’s say you perform this exercise for 5 minutes and charge back up to 30%.

That 30% will get you to your next chance to charge up again.

Obviously, this is just one example of many different options of filling up your energy naturally. Of course, sleep is one. But, that’s not always an option.

Some family time, self-care, or meditation could be another way.

And, then there are the exercises that Jim showed me. They are like a form of active meditation. Especially if you find it difficult to meditate in the traditional sense, this could be a great option for you.

I have to admit that this type of exercise is a completely new concept to me, but I am always up for learning and trying new things. And, to be honest, I definitely felt some kind of static sensation in the Tai Chi ruler when trying out the exercise.

Check out the video below to see the exercise demo, to learn about a Tai Chi ruler (I had never heard of one prior to this video,) and to hear more from Jim.

PS – Have you taken the Brave & Bold challenge yet?! Your life is waiting.



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