Apr 01

My storyOnly recently my counselor told me that when I came in I looked like a deer in headlights. For months. And I was a deer in headlights. I was frozen. I was shocked. I was in disbelief. Until that point I had used every coping mechanism out there to hold everything together. I rationalized. I minimized. I suppressed. I cleaned up any and all messes to make everything look perfect on the outside. And then that one day when I woke up I was literally shocked to what I had found. It was like I had experienced every trouble in my life all in one years time. I can’t really explain it other than that I had an awakening. My truth had been revealed to me. And I had no choice but to deal with it. It was the hardest and best thing that I’ve ever gone through in my life all at the same time.

Looking back, there were definitely a few things leading up to this awakening/breakdown. One was the death of my best friends baby. The other was my husband became very ill for a few months. My father-in-law had recently passed away far too soon after years battling cancer. And my mom had just gotten divorced for the second time from the man who my kids had called pop pop for the past five years. Just to name a few…

What did I learn? Counseling to improve my self-esteem and reading to invest in my own personal development brought me from a place of looking like a deer in headlights to having the piercing eyes of a woman who is unstoppable. Determined to end the cycle of abuse and depression in my family so that it never even comes close to my 3 daughters. On a mission to bring other women with me up this mountain. Because we are all so much stronger than we think. My life used to be ruled by shame, now it is ruled by truth. I am not perfect in anyway. I have good and bad in me. I have things that I need to work out. But, shame prevented me from doing that. The truth is that I am here for a purpose, for a reason. I was put here by the king of kings and I am his daughter. Know this: God is pursuing you. He has a purpose for you. And, the truth cannot be changed. It will set you free.


About the Author

Bridgette is Founder and CEO of Mommy Needs a Timeout. She empowers moms to reconnect with their identities OUTSIDE of being a mom, without the guilt.

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