Five Non-Spammy Ways to Get More Leads Through Videos

By Bridgette Petrino | mompreneur

Aug 07
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Growing your business through video marketing

If you want to grow your business via Facebook, but you don’t have a huge advertising budget, then you need to be doing live videos.

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5 Non-Spammy Ways to Get More Leads & Grow Your List Through Videos

  1. Content Upgrade

    Offering a content upgrade is seriously one of the best ways to grow your list and get more leads.

    You can come up with a checklist, template, blueprint, or something and share HALF of it on a video. Then, for viewers to receive the other HALF, they must comment with their email address.

    BOOM. Leads.

    For example, one of my content upgrades is a Checklist: 101 Ways to Make Yourself a Priority. I give 51 ways in the blog post, and in order to get the other 50, you must enter your email address.

    Yours could be even simpler. You could do “four exercises to lift your booty.” Give two in the video and the other two for those who comment with their email address.

    Remember, your email list is the only thing that you own. Facebook and other social media are constantly changing.

    Getting right into someone’s inbox is where you want to be. You will want to be adding so much value that your audience looks forward to your emails. And, you can’t have too much contact with your audience. When you are talking to them through live videos, emails, and private messaging, they are much more likely to know/like/trust you and thus buy from you.

    The catch is that you must, must, must get the email address. And, of course, don’t forget to follow up!

  2. Give away a freebie.

    Let your audience try before they buy. Many successful companies use the “freemium” model in order to get customers.

    We get a free trial of an app before purchasing, a free sample of perfume in the mail, or a little taste of fudge on the boardwalk.

    Your freebie doesn’t even necessarily have to cost you anything. It could be a 15-minute skincare consult, a small sample of your product, or a PDF of your workout blueprint.

    But, this is another great opportunity to get leads. Maybe you encourage your viewers to comment with their email to be entered into the giveaway. Maybe you run a little contest and the winner gets the prize. (People LOVE a challenge!)

    You could even ask your viewers to tag their BFF for an extra entry. Or, encourage them to share your video and receive a free XYZ.

    No matter what you do, make sure that you are VERY specific with your instructions.

  3. Build Relationships.

It’s not always about the pitch. Add value to your viewers’ newsfeeds by entertaining them in the form of education, inspiration, or motivation. Just be human. Be vulnerable.

Build that relationship so your audience is looking forward to watching your videos. When you do this consistently, they will be reaching out to YOU, versus you chasing them.

4. Ask for a share.

If engagement on videos were a deck of cards, then likes would be Jacks, comments would be Queens, and Shares would be Kings. More engagement = more visibility. So, don’t be afraid to ask for the share. 

5. Collaborate.

Interviewing over Live videos is a quick and easy way to collaborate, get new leads, and trade networks.

Why do you think rappers collaborate with country singers? To expand their network, of course.

The best part about this collaboration is that they are gleaning from each other’s network without pitching anything. They are simply creating an amazing song together.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce are performing a song together because they both have similar fans, but not the SAME fans. That’s how your network grows exponentially.

For me, my target audience is moms who are lost and overwhelmed. Instead of collaborating with another coach who’s audience is also moms with these same struggles, I might reach out to someone who teaches moms how to make quick and easy dinners. Or, a local ballet studio who’s clientele is mainly moms with young daughters.

You could also ask a customer or a client to get on an interview with you.

As a thank you for their time, you could offer them a free product or session.


Getting leads and growing your list through video is efficient and effective. Period.

And, if for some reason you don’t seem to be getting the number of views and engagement that you anticipated, take note of that as feedback. Don’t get discouraged, get inspired. Think about what you can do different and better next time.

Because at the end of the day, it comes down to how bad you want this.

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