Are Our Kids Using Too Much Technology?

By Bridgette Petrino | life hacks

Oct 30

Technology is a way of life

It’s no secret that we depend on technology for just about everything.

My phone is also is my clock, my watch, my workout timer, my meditation guide, my alarm, my source of entertainment, my radio, my television, my calendar, my wallet, my camera, my newspaper, my map, my notepad, my to-do list, my coupon file, my meteorologist, my flashlight, my electronic babysitter (don’t judge,) my cookbook, my photo editor, and let’s not forget my social outlet.

Whoa. Actually writing out that list kind of scared me a little bit. I literally depend on my phone for almost everything. And, I am sure I forgot a few things on that list.

Our kids are learning from us

How can we limit our kids’ time on electronics, when we allow ourselves unlimited time on ours?

Furthermore, why are we limiting their time?

I will be honest, I monitor my kids’ “screen time” for the most part because I want them to be healthy, active, and well-rounded. But, technology is part of life. And, it’s actually a good thing for them to learn how to use it. Now.

Don’t get me wrong, my daughters play outside often. They also do chores, read, write, draw, and play inside.

But, no, I don’t count the minutes that they spend on electronics anymore. It’s passe. Moderation is important, of course. But, giving them responsibility now will prepare them later.

It’s like when kids grow up with very strict parents. As soon as they move out of the house they end up going through a “rebellious phase.” And, the kids who had parents who trusted them and gave them a little freedom end up making smarter choices on their own.

The difference is teaching our kids to make smart choices versus making their choices for them. Click To Tweet

Let’s stop making such a big deal about the number of minutes that our kids spend on a tablet

Like, do you seriously think that if one child spends 60 minutes per day in front of a screen, and another child spends 160 minutes per day, that 10 years from now it’s going to matter?

Computers, laptops, tablets and phones are a part of everyday life. They just are. They’ve made life more convenient. And, some of the most successful people in the world make a living off of creating apps, publishing YouTube videos,  and writing blogs.

If one of my daughters grows up to become successful at any of those, I would be extremely proud.

So, here’s the deal. Technology is powerful and it’s a part of everyday life. This is the world we live in.

Let’s embrace it. Let’s allow our kids to embrace it. And, let’s use common sense instead of counting minutes.

The bottom line is that my answer is “no.” Our kids aren’t using too much technology. They actually probably aren’t using enough.

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