Do you have 2017 goals?

Maybe you want to be healthier? More productive? Less stressed? I want to help you <3


It is my mission to help moms reconnect with their identities outside of being a momWITHOUT the guilt.

Do you find yourself feeling guilty because you work full-time and maybe you think you should be home with your kids because you see other moms doing that?

Or, maybe you feel guilty because you are home with your kids, but you find that you don’t enjoy it as much as you think you should and you really just want a break?

Do you feel like your day is rushed, and by the end of the night you wish that you had been more patient and present?

I am here to tell you to stop.

I’ve been there, done that. And, I’ve learned that if we want to achieve our goals and become the best versions of ourselves, what we really need to do is push aside the guilt and OWN our decisions.

Only then do we have the confidence to move forward to achieve our personal goals, have better relationships, and gain the ability to be present in our day to day lives.

Guilt is unproductive. Period. What you really need to do is get back to who YOU are without apologizing, feeling bad, or wondering if what you are doing is the best for your family.

Enroll NOW to secure your spot in this free course before it’s closed.

Course will be held in a private Facebook group and runs from Jan 9-13. Daily 15 minute activities will be recommended for participants.

Join the course so that you can…

  • gain clarity on setting and actually achieving your personal goals for 2017 (not just talking about achieving your goals)
  • learn effective methods of taking time for yourself again (in under 15 minutes a day)
  • receive accountability to avoid distractions and remain consistent
  • access daily live mentoring and Q&A with me


This course is for you IF you are a mom who…

  • is done with feeling guilty about taking time for yourself
  • has the capability to be consistent and engaged during the 5 day course
  • struggles with balancing work/life/family/you
  • wants a stronger marriage and relationships

Here’s what some other moms have said about working together:

“Just listened to you marriage video, it was great… I think we are definitely falling into the cycle of focusing more on the kids than each other. Keep up the great work!”

“I am enjoying the program. While I was taking time for myself before, I knew I needed a change… [Now] I am not fumbling every morning. I’m up before everyone and I can greet the children with a smile and, wow does it make a difference in our day! I am getting to bed at a reasonable hour. I have created this new habit in our lives and it is thanks to you. The thing I love about what you’ve done is that you don’t just tell moms and women that they are allowed to take time for themselves – you tell them that they NEED to take time for themselves. The time to myself at the gym or reading at late hours until midnight just weren’t cutting it for me. I made a change, I’m sticking to it and my life and my family’s lives are better for it. Thank you!!!”

“I just did Yoga for the first time in over 2 years! Felt great!”


Here’s to knowing someone’s potential and making them get after it! We are two peas in a pod. Thanks girl. I love your positivity and your kind approach. You are a breath of fresh air in a world that wants to rain on everyone’s parade! Keep shining Bridgette Petrino. I like the way you think… Thanks for pushing me out of that comfort zone… You Rock!!!” 


Let 2017 be the year that you reconnect with you – MINUS the guilt! <3




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