Do you believe that you really can have it all, like right now?

How I went from depressed, out of shape, and feeling terrible about myself, to living my BEST life.

"Let's stop doing the same shit and start doing the shit that actually matters."

Have you ever wished that you could have more, but wondered if this was as good as it gets?

Do you know that you need to take more time for yourself, but you just haven't done it?

Has it been so long that you've done something just for YOU, that you wonder what it is that you even do for fun anymore? 

Do you find yourself thinking about moving to your dream home by the beach, and wondering if it could or would ever actually happen? 

Do you think about quitting your job, but you are afraid of the financial implications that it might have on your family?

Have you been wanting to get back in shape, but haven't been able to find the time and make yourself a priority?

Do you feel like you are in a rush from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night?

Do you find that you are spending most of your time and energy taking care of others, and no one is taking care of YOU? 

That. Was. Me.

My name is Bridgette. A few years ago, I was just like you. Actually, probably even worse off.

"I am not getting dressed. Like, ever again," were the exact words that I spoke to my husband the morning of my breakdown. "I'm so done." 

Let me give you a little background first...

In 2008 I became a Mom! I was so excited and blessed for this privilege. The first few years of being a mom are kind of a blur between sleepless nights with our twins to documenting every “first” in our new life. Nothing could have prepared me for how amazing life could be, but also how difficult life could be.

I poured every ounce of me into my children. Partly because I love them, of course. But, partly to ignore all of the other past and present issues that I had going on in my life. I used my children to keep myself busy enough to avoid my problems.

And, 7 years later, I found myself in bed answering a call from a friend of mine who was telling me that I needed to go to counseling.

How did I get to this point?

Well, it's quite simple actually.

  • I stopped taking time for myself. Like, never.
  •  I put everyone else first, and myself dead last.
  •  I stopped having fun. I felt like I always had to be doing something productive. And, if I wasn't being productive I was feeling bad about not being productive.
  • I only wore practical clothes instead of dressing in a way that made me feel good about myself.
  • I hardly ever went on dates with my husband.
  • I fed my kids healthy foods, but stopped focusing on my own health.

Then I cracked and realized that I had to make a change.

I love my family, and I want to do the best for them, but in order to do that, I need start making MYSELF a priority again.

Because, let's face it, we can't give what we don't have.

I can't teach my kids to be healthy and active, when I am not healthy and active.

I can't have an amazing marriage when we can't even find the time to go out on a date.

I can't be an amazing mom when I am constantly stressed, worried, and overwhelmed.

But, how the hell was I going to do this?

Well, it actually turned out to be quite simple. I focused on improving four aspects of my life, in small, manageable chunks of time.


I began reading and learning again. Even if it was just one page from a book.


I carved out 15 minutes a day to workout and appreciate my body again.


I learned how to meditate and began using these techniques to be present in my life again.


I started having fun again. No guilt. No needing to be productive. Just getting back to what I enjoy, for ME.

And, all of the work I've done, hours of studying/learning, and earning certifications led me to create...

 “The Elite Mom's Academy”

Small manageable steps in the right direction create HUGE success.

Now, I realize that I was trying to do too much. 

Doing more was never going to get me more.

For years, I was trying to do it all, so that I could have it all. But, it doesn't work that way.

By slowing down, I actually sped up. I started investing only 15 minutes in myself, and within months my life was completely unrecognizable.

  • My husband and I started going on dates again, and our relationship became stronger than ever.
  • My stress, anxiety, and worry was under control and I was having FUN again.
  • Within 6 months I had lowered my cholesterol from high to normal levels.
  • Within one year I had started my own business online.
  • Within 2 years I was in the best shape of my life and became a certified fitness instructor.
  • And, now I am empowering hundreds of moms from all over the globe to take their lives back again too.

30 Days to Taking Your Life Back Includes:

  • Weekly 5-Minute Motivation Video Trainings: Bridgette's proven system to reclaiming your confidence and getting back to you! ($47 value)
  • One 30-Minute Brave & Bold Breakthrough Session where we will uncover what you are struggling with the most and how to overcome it. ($47 value)
  • Daily email with your 5-Minute Big Impact Assignment to create change that matters. ($37 value)
  • Supplemental 5-Minute Workbook with daily prompts to track your progress, discover your blocks, and ensure that you are getting results. ($37 value)
  • Checklist: 9 Free Ways to Find 15 Minutes in Your Day. No more excuses! ($5 value)
  • Done For You: Four Daily Planner Printables to guide you to organize your day and reduce overwhelm. ($19 value)
  • A Breathing Exercise Video Tutorial: Learn how to use breathing techniques to lower anxiety and be present. ($24 value)
  • My personal recommended reading list.
  • NO FAIL Checklist: 101 Ways to Make YOU a priority again. Keep taking care of you well beyond the 30-Day Program. ($17 value)
  • A Bonus Yoga video tutorial that will get you fearless on the mat & fearless in life. ($27 value)
  • Time Management Matrix Template: Your time is VALUABLE. This is your chance to get your priorities straight and clear off the shit that you don't want to do anymore. ($9 value)
  • And, SO much more!!!


See what other moms are saying about working together:

"I want to feel this way all the time..."

        • "This has been an amazing ride... I have felt so confident and happy with myself this week and it has been such a long time since I felt that way. The way I have felt this week I want to feel all the time. I felt good and proud of myself which just brought so much happiness and confidence in me. I want to build my business and by doing that I need to be more confident and get out in the world."
Megan Mom of 1 

"I feel so good about myself..."

  • "I can't even begin to express how happy I am to have found this mini 5-day RENEW course with Bridgette. This week has made me feel so good about myself... I hope to continue putting many of these items like simply trying new things into practice even after the course. Thank you!"

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"My life and my family's lives are better for it..."

  • "I am enjoying the program. While I was taking time for myself before, I knew I needed a change... [Now] I am not fumbling every morning. I'm up before everyone and I can greet the children with a smile and, wow does it make a difference in our day! I am getting to bed at a reasonable hour. I have created this new habit in our lives and it is thanks to you. The thing I love about what you've done is that you don't just tell moms and women that they are allowed to take time for themselves - you tell them that they NEED to take time for themselves. The time to myself at the gym or reading at late hours until midnight just weren't cutting it for me. I made a change, I'm sticking to it and my life and my family's lives are better for it. Thank you!!!"

"Thanks for pushing me out of that comfort zone."

Here's to knowing someone's potential and making them get after it! We are two peas in a pod. Thanks girl! I love your positivity and your kind approach. You are a breath of fresh air in a world that wants to rain on everyone's parade. Keep shining, Bridgette. I like the way you think.... Thanks for pushing me out of that comfort zone. You rock!!!

Marcimom of 3 

Go from SURVIVING motherhood, to THRIVING through motherhood

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