The best Self-Care Gifts for Moms that they will actually like – and use.

By Bridgette Petrino | self

Nov 24
best self care gifts moms

Let me let you in on a little secret… Us moms, we don’t like – or want – clever kitchen appliances. Or, extra thick and fluffy bathrobes. Or, even those cute little sequins throw pillows.

We want to feel special and pampered. We want something that we can actually use that makes us feel younger, not older.

So, whether you are buying a gift for a special mom in your life, or maybe even for yourself, here are some unique, different, special gifts that moms will actually like – and use.

Because most moms do a lot of things for a lot of people, but rarely take time for themselves. And, we all know that when mom is happy, everybody is happy. So, give the gift of self-care to the mom in your life. Or, gift yourself, dammit. And, don’t feel guilty about that!

I categorize self-care into four categories: mind, body, soul, and self. So, here is one gift idea per category.

Gift Your Mind

My book recommendation for you is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Most of us start our day with our kids waking us up and then we are basically playing catch up until bedtime. Taking control of my morning has been and being intentional instead of reactive has been, well without sounding too cliche, life-changing.

Gift Your Body

Of course, I have to recommend something that has to do with Yoga and being upside down. Why? Read this article: 9 Reasons Why Practicing Inversions Makes You Hot.

I know that headstands and handstands take lots of practice. So, if you love the look of inversions but want support, try this Yoga swing.

These are so fun and this one is made with parachute material. How cool! And, if you can jump out of a plane with it, then it must be strong enough to not let me fall on my head, right?!

Yoga swings give you pain relief, core strength, flexibility, and basically all the benefits of Yoga but with a little added variation!


Gift Your Soul

Okay, I am NOT an oil expert at all, but I do LOVE my oil diffuser. In fact, I have it running next to me as I type this.

I own a portable diffuser like this one.  I even bring it to my Yoga classes while I teach.

It is so calming, smells nice, and it just feels like I am pampering myself when I have it on. (Remember, us moms want to feel pampered.)

Depending on the oil that you diffuse, there are many benefits such as stress, headache, and allergy relief.

Just typing this makes me want to go out browse some new oils! Oooooooo.


Gift Your “Self”

If you know you need to take more time for yourself, but you aren’t sure of the who/what/where/when/how, then you will love these self-care/affirmation cards.

Pull one when you need permission and ideas to take five minutes for yourself.

Because if you don’t work, nothing will.

Shop Cards Now

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