3 Key Benefits of Eating Clean

By Bridgette Petrino | body

Dec 03

eating clean

I know how important eating clean and organic is for our health, but to be honest, I don’t always do it. Having a family of 5 means that we go through a lot of food. So. Much. Food.

We try to keep our food budget under control. Not to mention, finding organic options is not always convenient. So, we eat some organic and some not, depending on price and availability.

But, when I heard about a new service that DELIVERS local, farm food right to your kitchen, I had to check it out. I was even more surprised when I saw that the prices were reasonable. And, YAY for not having to go food shopping! Because, I ain’t got no time for that.

Three key benefits of eating clean

  1. Nutritional value – Unprocessed food is real nutrition. This is what our bodies need to function efficiently. It’s what we are meant to eat.
  2. Taste – Um, so, the food tastes amazing. Like, real food. It’s kind of scary when you compare a carrot from the grocery store to a carrot straight from a farm. They look different. They smell different. They taste different. It’s kind of creepy. It makes me wonder what I am actually eating. 
  3. Supporting local – Buying from local farms means that these farms can stay in business. Yeah, that sounds like something I definitely would want to support. Farmers are cool. And I want them to stick around.

Eating clean (meaning whole, unprocessed foods) has many benefits, and it’s something that I am going to be more intentional about now that I got this recent reminder. Check out this video to see my first delivery. It’s pretty neat.

Oh, and Jill, from the video, is going to be the guest expert in the VIP membership group come January. She is going to teach us how to eat clean on a budget, and maybe share some recipes! Because I know by January 1st we are all going to be ready for a detox. Well, at least I will be 😉

PS – Are you a VIP member yet? We have monthly guest experts and weekly group coaching to empower moms to STOP feeling guilty for taking time for themselves, for BEING themselves, and to start living BIG!


PPS – Check out Locavore at Your Door for more info about Jill and her local delivery service!


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