How to add one day to your life

By Bridgette Petrino | empowerment

Jun 24

How to Add One Day to Your Life

Be here now.

I was recently going through some pictures from the past year and I actually got chills. I am running fast and hard for some huge goals that I have for myself, and after looking through these pictures I realized that I am so focused on the future that I completely stopped celebrating the present and how far I’ve come.

Two years ago almost exactly I had a breakdown. I was stuck in bed for days and ended up in counseling. I had hit my limit. After much counseling and personal development, I came out of this dark time in my life with a passion and purpose to help other moms to stop feeling guilty and know that they are enough. Period.

Only a little over a year ago I started my own business. This was my first step in taking my life back. Taking that first step was the hardest, but it was everything. In one short year, I have started a couple more businesses, started a blog, begun public speaking, became a fitness instructor and empowered dozens of women to do the same. Before last year, I had NEVER thought any of this would have been possible.

And, that is a lot to celebrate.

Add one day

Seeing how far I’ve come was a great reminder that focusing on and worrying about tomorrow will not add one day to your life. But being present today will.

Goals are important, but don’t forget about today. You only have today. This is your one day. Everyday you can add this one day to your life by not worrying about tomorrow. 


One way that I practice being present is meditation. It’s not about just being present while you meditate, but you are training your mind to be present in all situations. If you are a beginner and want to learn more, check out my post on How to Meditate

Celebrate your victories

Remember to celebrate your victories. If you have a goal, don’t wait until you reach that goal to celebrate. Be proud of yourself for starting. And, celebrate every step that you take to get you closer to your goal. Sometimes I celebrate by just being grateful. Other times, I go all out and have a fun night out. I want to know: what do you do to celebrate? What is something that you are celebrating today? And check out the chat I had with Nancy Hornback about celebrating victories.

PS – If you are feeling overwhelmed, lost and you struggle with finding time for yourself, let’s chat. I was just like you! Now I specialize in helping moms get their life back. Pick a time that’s convenient for you here. I’d love to hear your story.


About the Author

Bridgette is Founder and CEO of Mommy Needs a Timeout. She empowers moms to reconnect with their identities OUTSIDE of being a mom, without the guilt.

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