About Founder & CEO: Bridgette Petrino


​Girl from the suburbs of Philly. Cheerleader. Popular but lonely.

Made some bad decisions. Had some bad things happen.

Dry. Sarcastic. Negative. Drops F-bombs.

​Went to college, graduated with 4.0, met husband. Got job, bought house.

Married. Went through infertility. Had twins.

Quit job. Became a stay at home mom. Stopped doing anything for myself. Lost a baby.

Had another daughter. Living the perfect life, but felt completely lost.

Had a breakdown.

Became obsessed with finding ME again, and founded Mommy Needs a Timeout.


​CEO. Fitness Instructor. Addicted to being upside-down. 

Works from back porch.​

Writes for top sites on the internet.

Loves craft beer, hates cheesecake. Can't commit to a favorite food.​

Coach for moms who don't just want to SURVIVE motherhood, but want to THRIVE through motherhood. ​

Stopped the cycle of abuse, neglect, and addiction that has been going on for generations so that it will never touch my 3 daughters.​

​Have purpose and passion in life.

Found ME again.​ Loving Life. Grateful.

Less negative. Still dry, sarcastic, and drops f-bombs. ​

That's what she said...

  • "I am so glad I hired you! This is EXACTLY what I need! #AssInGear"
  • "My marriage has taken a 180 since we spoke last week."
  • "Thank you, Bridgette! In the next days I will be presenting my two weeks notice at work..."
  • "Without you I would still be in my shell."
  • "I have rediscovered parts of me that I thought were forever lost in my mommy world..."
  • "It means a lot to have a woman as strong and fearless as you to say that: it's okay to say NO, take time for yourself and not be shameful of the fact, and damn it have fun!!"
  • "All these 41 years I felt wrong for explaining 'NO.' Well, I guess not anymore."
  • "I wish I had told you just how amazing I think you are and the things that you are doing for other women."
  • "Your challenge really stuck with me. Thanks for the reminder to be Bold & Brave. Maybe next time I will try that headstand."
  • "Here's to knowing someone's potential and making them get after it! I love your positivity and your kind approach. You are a breath of fresh air in a world that wants to rain on everyone's parade... Thanks for pushing me out of that comfort zone. You rock!!!"
  • "I don't know how you're doing it but it's like you are reading my mind. I really enjoy your emails, they are some of the few that I actually read. Short, concise & make fantastic points! Thanks, Bridgette! Keep em coming!! :)" 

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Your turn... What's your story? 

If we were to meet in person, you would probably tell me your story, then I would probably dare you to change something. 

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