2 Tips to Make Dinnertime More Pleasant

By Bridgette Petrino | parenting tips

May 16

2 Tips to Make Dinnertime More Pleasant

When you’re home do you feel like you spend the majority of your time in the kitchen?

I’ll admit it. I am not a good cook. And, I don’t enjoy cooking much either. But, because I am home and we are conscious of our health and our budget, I make breakfast, lunch and dinner for our family of 5 on most days.

Now, I can tell you a bunch of tips that you’ve probably already heard… Make meals in the slow cooker, plan ahead, meal prep, etc. BUT the bottom line is, if you are a mom, you are going to be spending a good deal of time in the kitchen no matter how much planning, prepping and bulking you do ahead of time. More specifically, a good deal of time spent in front of your kitchen sink. It goes something like this: Cook. Clean. Repeat.

So, here is my first tip to make all of that kitchen time go by a little quicker.

I save all of my dirty dishes, meal prep, lunch packing for one hour in the kitchen a day – yes, I let dirty dishes pile up in the sink all day until my designated hour and I load the dishwasher. GASP. (Pick a time when your kids are occupied and it works best for you.) And, while I do my kitchen chores I listen to podcasts. I am being entertained and educated while I work. It makes the time go by quickly, and I kind of even feel like I have company in the kitchen with me. I look forward to listening to my podcasts while doing my kitchen chores. And, saving the bulk of the work for one hour in the day makes me feel like I am not spending my entire day in the kitchen.

My second tip is to help the dinner conversation.

If you have children in school, I am sure you can relate to the overwhelming feeling of what to do with all of the papers that come home in their backpacks daily. A fun way to get the conversation going during dinner time is to go through all of the papers while we eat dinner. I can learn more about what my kids did in school that day (besides the normal “I forget,” “Fine,” “I don’t know” responses that I tend to get when I ask them about their day.) This also gives me the opportunity to recognize and praise my daughters in front of the family when they did really well on a test, made a nice picture in art class or brought home an award. They really look forward to showing off their work from the day.

What are your tips?

So, there you go. Let me know if you try out these tips. What are some of your tips to make dinnertime a more pleasant experience? Do you feel like you spend all day in the kitchen? What are some of your favorite podcasts? And, feel free to share this post with another mom who might get some benefit from these tips.


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