2 Signs that You Might be Avoiding a Problem

By Bridgette Petrino | healing

Jul 31

2 Signs That You Are Avoiding a Problem

Are Your Windows Dirty?

How often do you clean your windows? And, I mean like CLEAN your windows. Inside, outside, blinds, curtains? 

I like to say that I clean my windows twice a year, but it is probably more like once a year.

But, recently I started to notice my windows looking pretty dirty. On the inside and the outside. I guess it’s been awhile since they’ve been cleaned.

At first, I tried to just wipe the window sill. That kind of works… For a little bit. But, a few days later I end up staring at the dirt on the windows thinking, “Someone should really do something about that!”

But, one day, I got to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore. I took all of the curtains down, I washed and dried them, I wiped all the glass down, and I even took the hose and sprayed the outside of the windows. All of the dirt, cobwebs and dust are gone.

Ahh, that’s such a great feeling.

And, the whole process made me realize: The only way to get a mess cleaned up is to do it the right way.

This concept applies to life too. We might try and clean things up a little bit here and there. The problem might go away temporarily, but it comes right back. Sometimes even worse than before.

So, here is another question….

When you have a problem, do you just wipe the window sills and hope that the rest of the dirt will go away on it’s own? Or, do you take the curtains down, wipe the windows inside and out and solve the whole problem?

Don’t get discouraged if you are just wiping the window sills. Remember, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Click To Tweet

At any given time, you can decide to do things the right way.

The windows weren’t going to wash themselves. Obviously.

2 signs that you are avoiding a problem

If you find that you are constantly noticing the same problem over and over again even after you’ve attempted to fix it, than you are avoiding the problem.

At first, I tried to wipe the window sills. I could say that I tried to solve the problem. But deep down, I knew I was just putting a band-aid on a bullet hole, so to speak.

If you find yourself constantly thinking “Someone should really do something about that,” than you are avoiding the problem.

If you know a problem exists, than there is no reason that you can’t take the initiative on your own to solve it. Any reason that you come up with is actually just an excuse. Period.

Take Responsibility

It wasn’t until I got to the point of “enough is enough,” and I couldn’t stand staring through these dirty windows anymore, and then I took the RESPONSIBILITY and solved the problem the right way.

Is there something in your life for which you need to take responsibility?

I know, doing the work is hard. It’s not glamorous. It’s thankless. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it.

If you are tired of looking at dirty windows, you are going to have to do something about it.

Check out my live video chat below about dirty windows.

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